World Trend – Facial Massage With A Teaspoon

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Besides all creams and different natural skin preparations, facial massage is a crucial for women after 35 years of age. This is because the skin is not elastic anymore and the subcutaneous tissue becomes more expressive. Wrinkles and pores are starting to show up.

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In order to keep up our beauty, German cosmetician has a proposal that is becoming number one trend in the world. The word is about massage with a teaspoon.

Why are more and more people accepting this advice? It is because instead to go to expensive cosmetic treatments, you can do an incredible job in your home.

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In two weeks of constant massaging, you can have benefits such as: improved circulation, reduced wrinkles and tighter and more elastic skin.

In order to make this massage you will need:

  • Glass of water
  • Few teaspoons
  • Warmed oil (olive oil is the best)

The first thing that you need to do is to remove the whole cosmetics from your face. Wash it well and put some moisturizing cream. Put all teaspoons in the glass with cold water. It is better to put some ice in the water in order to keep it cold for a longer period. Then, take the one teaspoon and put it on your face. Below and above the eyes, and on other sensitive parts of the face (see the picture below).

Hold the teaspoon on one place for a few seconds and then remove. Put that teaspoon in the glass with ice, and take other, colder teaspoon. Repeat this process for 5-6 times. This process is done in order to reduce the swelling on the face.

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After you finish this process, put the teaspoons in the warm oil and massage your face with them. The movement should be slow with a little pressure. Massage the whole face, even your neck.

The duration process should be increased day by day. You should firstly start with 1-minute massage and every day increase for 1 minute. After 2 weeks, your massage should last 10-12 minutes. We ensure you that after 2 or 3 massages, you will feel some benefit. You cannot have any side effects from this massage, so you could do it countless times. The best is to do it in 10-minutes intervals.

After you finish with it, wash your face well with lukewarm water.

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