Will Trump Put An End Of The Chemtrails?

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Chemtrails, together with the harmful seeds of Monsanto are presenting the most terrifying factor about human health. Throughout the years, many experts and doctors were pointing out on chemtrails like global treat. For that reason, many people and non-governmental organizations were protesting around the world. However, none of the governmental institutions did not went on their side to support them. Therefore, many people are hoping that the new President, Donald Trump will do something about this question.

Will Trump Put An End Of The Chemtrails?

According to the government and their institutions, planes are not spraying any harmful ingredients in the air. Moreover, all this is actually for people’s health and against global warming. Furthermore, they also stated that the HAARP system is actually for scientific purposes. Although they know that people do not trust them anymore, they continue to talk about it. On the other hand, there are many cases where people have consequences due to these chemicals.

Will Trump Put An End Of The Chemtrails

Now, with the new political scene in USA, people are becoming optimistic again that Trump will finally do something about chemtrails. Moreover, they believe that he is the man who will stand against this so called mafia. However, the hopes became bigger when a tweet from Donald Trump saying that he will end the chemtrails across USA appeared on the Internet. But, unfortunately, his tweets were deleted after half an hour after the publication. So, it is still a mystery will he do something about it.

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Furthermore, another tweet that he will ban the vaccines and he will significantly reduce the autism in the country. But, this tweet was also deleted in a short period of time. We have published an article few days ago saying that President Donald considers vaccines as ineffective. Now, the only thing that is left for us is to hope that there is a man who will finally end this scary operations. By doing that, he will get many supporters who would gladly help him in his purposes.

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