Will This Replace Your Coffee?

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People are saying that this drink has as much caffeine as half a cup of espresso. Now, it is now a hit in the world and threatens to become even more popular than the coffee!

 It looks like coffee, but it is actually a powdered green tea which has become very popular among those who want to live a healthy lifestyle.

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The powered green tea is called Matcha and is made by grinding green tea leaves. It contains enough antioxidants, and despite the fact that the world has recently discovered this tea, it is used in Japan since 1191. The Buddhist monk has transferred the Matcha seed from Japan in China, and has spread the idea of drinking tea as a habit that is good for the health.

Except the fact that the tea looks interesting, it also has many benefits for people’s health. It speeds up the metabolism and contains antioxidants that prevent the cancer occurrence. It’s leaves are containing L-carnitine, amino acid that relaxes and creates a feeling of alertness.

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On the other hand, interesting fact about this delicious green tea is the amount of caffeine that its containing. It has less caffeine that the coffee but more than the usual green tea that we know. Another thing that all people should have in mind before consuming this type of tea is that it contains ingredients 30 times stronger than the ordinary green tea. So you should not drink more than one cup of Matcha tea per day.

If you are not some coffee “freak”, maybe you will want to make a little change in your daily habits, and find a period of the day when you can sit and drink a cup of this fantastic tea. Who knows, maybe you will like it and it will replace your coffee! Just saying…

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