What Will Happen If You Stop Eating Chips?

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We hope that you are familiar with the fact that all crackers, chips, chocolates and other snacks are the main enemy of your body.  According to one study, more than 80% of the respondents at least twice a week ate processed foods such as savory and sweet snacks. If you dear reader also belong to this group of people, read the article below and find out what will happen to your body when you will completely exclude them from your diet for at least two months.

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In the first few days:

Reduced headaches – Processed food contains many ingredients that are not good for your health. One of them is sodium glutamate which on the declarations is referred as E 621. This taste amplifier gives a strong and irresistible aroma on the food, while on the body that brings many negative effects including headache. The processed food causes gases and bloating that you will surely notice one hour after nibbling chips, crisps, etc.

Better sleep – The snacks that you eat before going to sleep can seriously harm your health. They will tip the balance of the blood sugar and will significantly reduce it. Also, an enemy of quality sleep is salt on the snacks that collects water and increases the thirst. If you completely stop to eat such food, just in one week you will have a much better sleep.

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Smaller stomach – The processed food and snacks are causing gases and bloating that occur after one hour. One reason for this is the salt that absorbs the water and causes bloating and the other are the artificial ingredients that are difficult to break down in the body. In this way, they are slowing down processing and are creating a feeling of sudden weight gain.

After one month:

Brighter skin – We are all well aware of how much the sugar is harmful for our skin. Sugar and processed carbohydrates that are contained in chocolates and chips are increasing the level of insulin which, in turn, stimulates the secretion of the fats in the skin. Acne and blackheads are the consequences. If you decide to discard these unhealthy products from your daily routine, your skin will become brighter, clearer and smoother.

More energy – After consuming these unhealthy, fatty and hard food ingredients, your blood sugar will raise then will immediately fall. These sudden changes are the main cause of fatigue, sleepiness and lack of energy.

Pain in the muscles and joints will disappear – It is very likely that these pains arise from unhealthy food. The chemicals that are contained in the processed foods are not a friend of your body and can lead to inflammation.  This is mainly manifested in the most sensitive parts like knee or shoulder joints and in the long term can cause arthritis

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Take care about your health and replace the junk food with fruits and vegetables. Go to the nearest store and buy some delicious and nutritious products. Be creative and every time make new healthy recipes. In that way you will never get bored to eat healthy.

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