Walnuts – Cure For Many Diseases

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Walnuts are real autumn products, just like the chestnuts. These ingredients are full with antioxidants and other healthy properties. In addition, they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and are especially recommended for vegans. However, the thing that small number of people knows is that the walnuts shell, the green shell of the young walnuts and the leaves are also used in health purposes. Du to these properties, these healthy nuts also contain the serotonin, which is known as the hormone of luck. However, besides the fact that it acts on your mood, one handful of these nuts is great for snack.

Walnuts – Cure For Many Diseases (1)

Green walnuts

In the traditional medicine, these nuts are used as an ally in the fight with some gland diseases, including thyroid gland. This is due to a simple reason that these nuts are increasing the amount of the thyroxine hormone. Our thyroid gland secretes this hormone. According to the experts, some studies have shown that the green shells contain large amount of this hormone. But, we must warn you that they are not so delicious for consuming.

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Furthermore, other studies have shown that these nuts are slowing down the growth of the tumor. Moreover, they are also reducing the chances of developing a cancer.

Walnuts shell

Walnuts – Cure For Many Diseases

You can use the shell from these nuts for detail cleaning of your teeth. The only thing that you need to do first is to boil water and put the shell in it. After 10 minutes, put your toothbrush in that water and brush your teeth. Moreover, if you have some skin problems, you can use the leaves from this tree. Mash few leaves and then put them in a bowl with boiling water. Wait 3-4 minutes and then apply that mixture on your skin. Repeat this process for one week. The results are great.

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