Vladimir Putin – Russia Will Be The First Exporter Of Non-GMO Products

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If we listen to the words of President Putin, Russia will be exporting non-GMO foods. However, from these words we can find out that Vladimir Putin is not fan and is not supporting Monsanto. Therefore, he has decided to make Russia the first country that will export non-GMO foods around the world.

According to the experts, many diseases have occurred because of the Monsanto’s GMO products. Therefore, a lot of people are searching for medications that will help them to cure the diseases. But, in the past few years, the public medications are also neglected. A lot of controversial information came up in the public that vaccines and other medications are containing harmful ingredients.

Vladimir Putin – Russia Will Be The First Exporter Of Non-GMO Products

Vladimir Putin will export non-GMO food from Russia

Due to this situation, the non-governmental organizations have started to make campaigns about Monsanto and their products. So, they were trying to raise the awareness among people to pay attention about the food they consume. After, a lot of campaigns around the world, people have started to respond positively. They have started to consume organic food that is healthier than the regular one. Moreover, they have started to grow their own organic food in their yards. However, neither this went without problems.

Vladimir Putin – Russia Will Be The First Exporter Of Non-GMO Products (1)

Namely, one family from Florida has complained that the government was making them a problems about their organic garden. However, they did not want to listen the government. So, instead of destroying the garden, they have decided to sue the government. Luckily, they have won the case. You can see the article here.

Due to all these situations, Vladimir Putin has decided to stand against Monsanto and the other companies that are producing GMO foods. According to him, Russia is fully capable of supplying the world with non-GMO foods. Therefore, people will have healthier foods in the markets. So, he hope that with this action, he will help the world to reduce the disease cases.


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