Vladimir Putin – Big Pharma And GMO Foods

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According to the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the GMO corporations and Big Pharma are a huge treat for people’s lives. He said that the whole human evolution is at risk because of these Western companies. Therefore, he said, we must take some serious measures in order to protect our people.

Vladimir Putin – Big Pharma And GMO Foods

In one interview that Vladimir Putin did, he said that as human beings, we have two choices. So, the first one is to develop our brains and bodies in a healthy way. The second one is to poison our body with genetically modified food, pharmaceuticals, fast food, and vaccines. Earlier in our articles, we have written about more about the vaccines and their effect on our health. Moreover, we were arguing against the mandatory vaccination and not giving the people the right to choose. As a result, many nurses around the world were protesting against this decision of the government.

Vladimir Putin – Big Pharma And GMO Foods

One of the ways to have healthy food and populations is to control the production of the food in your country. Therefore, Putin has said that his country will probably be a self- sufficient in food production by the end of 2020. Moreover, he said that Russia will probably be the largest exporter of high-quality organic food in the world. “Ten years ago, we have imported half of the food from other countries and we were dependent on them. However, now, our country is among the largest exporters.” Namely, just last years, Russia got around 20 Billion dollars from the food export.

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Many people are supporting Vladimir Putin exactly for these reasons. He wants only the best for his people and they are recognizing that. Many people have already started to grow their own organic food. They are scared from the many different diseases that came up in the past few years. However, they are lucky that their country stands behind them and supports them.

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