Very Unique Ways To Serve The Fruits!

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In these extremely hot summer days, the only thing that we ask for is something that will refresh us. The best idea that comes through your mind certainly is a nice beach with some tasty cocktail! Yeah, we agree with that completely! But, since not everybody of us have that possibility, we search our refreshment is something else. For example, the fruits around us can help. Besides that fact that they are tasty, they also have many health benefits for us.

But, have you ever think about the way you serve them? If your answer is no, then let us challenge you to think some interesting way to serve the fruits to your friends. In the meantime, check out our few ideas. You will love them!

1. Berries on a stick

Very Unique Ways To Serve The Fruits (1)

No matter which type of fruit you have at home. Just cut them into small pieces and put them on a stick. They will look very interesting and will be a great dessert after some tasty meal. Moreover, you can let your guests to make their own fruit stick. We are sure that they will love the idea!

2. Watermelon pizza

Very Unique Ways To Serve The Fruits (4)

Yes, you have read correctly! A watermelon pizza! A great idea came up to one of our readers to make a watermelon pie. Cut  a piece from the middle of a watermelon. It should be about 5-6 centimeters thick. Then cut it in a triangle shapes and pour some fruits on the top. The pie should look like on the picture.

3. Chocolate cherries

Very Unique Ways To Serve The Fruits (3)

This one is our favorite! Take one bowl with cherries and one bowl with chocolate. Put the cherries in the chocolate and leave them aside to dry. You can put additional decorations by your wish too. If you manage to make them like on the picture above, make sure you take some photos before you eat them, because you will feel sorry!

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