Underarm Jiggle – Girl’s Worst Enemy

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This underarm jiggle is the women’s worst enemy. Truly, they do not look attractive at all. However, in the recent years many females are dealing with this problem. It does not look noticeable on women who are doing some exercise. But on those who do not exercise at all, it falls right in the eyes.

Underarm Jiggle – Girl’s Worst Enemy

However, it is pretty hard to tighten this area. Moreover, many girls who are exercising actively, sometimes have problems with the jiggle. This occurs due to the lack of triceps workout. When they enter in the gym, most of the beginners immediately start to work their biceps, chests and legs. Furthermore, it is easier to get large biceps and legs, but for triceps you should make more effort.

For that reason, we are presenting some crucial triceps workouts that you need to do in order to get rid from the underarm jiggle. You should combine these exercises with a jogging and you will notice great improvement.

Triceps workouts to get rod from the underarm jiggle

1. Pushups

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One of the most famous and most useful exercises are the well known pushups. This workout targets the whole upper body. Moreover it will tone and pump your chest and arm muscles. In order to put the accent on the triceps muscles, you should place your hands in shoulder width apart. Furthermore, try to tighten your abs during the workout. For beginning, try to do at least 5 pushups. As the time passes, you should increase the reps on 20-25.

2. Triceps dips

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This exercise is called “triceps killer”. It is the most demanding triceps exercise but it gives phenomenal results. You can do this exercise in the gym, or you can do it at your home. You will just need some stable structure or chairs. However, you should be very careful while performing this exercise. You can easily get hurt.

3. Triceps kickbacks

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These triceps kickbacks can be really hard for those who are trying them for the first time. However, this exercise is giving amazing results in short notice. You will need a bench and dumbbells in order to perform it. Do as many reps as you can.

4. One arm pushup

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This is very demanding exercise, and should be done by those who are in good physical shape. Also, you must warm up well before doing them or you can get yourself injured.

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