Try The 5-5-5 Rule And Reduce The Kilograms

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From always, the nature is our best ally in the fight against many diseases but also for a weight loss. You will burn the extra kilograms around your waist in a simple and healthy way.

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There are many diet plans on the internet but they are not tested and prepared from a professional nutritionist. This 5-5-5 rule is based on a simple drink and some helpful tips that you should follow. So, we are 99% sure that you wonder what the numbers 5-5-5 mean. Therefore, we will give you the answer even before you ask for it. So, numbers 5-5-5 refer to the preparation speed (5 minutes), the duration of the treatment (5 days), and the maximum possible results (reduction to 5 kg).

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The 5-5-5 Rule For Burning Kilograms

Ingredients needed:

  • 1 lemon
  • 60 grams of parsley
  • 250 ml of water


Preparation process:

The first thing that you should do while preparing this drink is to wash your ingredients. Then, put the parsley in a blender and blend it well. Therefore, add the water and the lemon juice. Now, your drink is ready. We told you that it is a simple recipe J.

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Now, we will give you some additional tips on how to properly consume this drink and be sure that you will burn those kilograms before your holiday.

  1. You should consume this drink on an empty stomach
  2. The duration process is 5 days. After this period you should make a pause from 10 days
  3. Then, after 10 days, if you still need it, you can repeat the whole process

According to the nutritionists, this healthy drink is speeds up your metabolism and improves the digestion. Moreover, it helps your body to quickly burn the fats and therefore you will lose the extra kilograms.

However, this is not a magical drink that will burn the kilograms immediately. Besides it, you should improve your diet and start eating healthier meals. You should avoid chocolates, ice-creams and processed meat.

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