Few Tricks That Every Student Should Use!

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When you go to college, you realize that there are many things you cannot learn until you experience them. When you live in apartment with a roommate, you will learn to do things and tricks that you have not done before that. So, take a look at these few tricks that will save your time. Moreover, you can use this time to prepare your exams earlier.

Tricks and hacks for the students

1. Make your own speaker

Few Tricks That Every Student Should Use!

Besides the books and all the studying that characterizes the student’s life, parties are not an exception. A lot of fun things are happening on college. So, next time when you decide to gather your friends in your room, make these unique speakers. You will only need two plastic cups and paper role. So, look the picture below and try to design your speakers.

2. Use hangers that can collect more clothes

Few Tricks That Every Student Should Use! (1)

So, considering the fact that you will share the room with your friend, you will need to use less space in the closet. For that reason, you need to buy some hangers that collect more clothes. The examples on the picture are perfect choice for you.

3. Protect your phone charger from damaging

Few Tricks That Every Student Should Use! (2)

Most of us have a habit to leave the phone charging in an awkward position. One of the consequences is that you will soon see charger frayed at the edges. So, in order to avoid this, try to put a spring from a pen on the charger. This trick will prevent the unwanted bending.

4. Dry your nails faster

Few Tricks That Every Student Should Use! (3)

The female part will agree with us that this problem is happening to 99% of the girls. Furthermore, according to many of them, every time when they are late, it is because of their nails. They cannot dry them fast enough in order to get on time on the school or on some appointment. So, in order to speed up the proves, you could use some cold water. Take some bowl and fill it with cold water. Put your fingers in it and you will see the results. So, from now on, you will not have any excuse for being late.


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