Tiny Fibers Are Poisoning The Oceans

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New studies are showing that an alarming amount of tiny fibers are making their way from your washing machine to the intestines of fish and marine life. Professor Shari Mason was stunned when she found out that many of the fish she dissected had synthetic fibers in their gastrointestinal tract.

Tiny Fibers Are Poisoning The Oceans (2)

These new studies show that water from our washing machines gets contaminated with tiny little pieces of fibers which poison marine life. They are miniscule and cause a gigantic problem. Every time we wash a regular, synthetic, fleece jacket there are 1.7 grams of microfibers are released into the water stream. Old jackets and clothes release double the amount of microfibers, and 40 percent of these released synthetic microfibers are entering the water supplies.

Now, that isn’t the only problem. Due to their small size, these particles accumulate in animals and make their way higher and higher into the food chain. These microfibers are perilous for us and they are perilous for our environment. They make up 85 percent off all human made shoreline debris all around the world. The method of recycling plastic is turning out to do more harm than good. By breaking plastic into micro particles it gets easier for them to enter our food supply, and in turn accumulate in our bodies and poison us.

There have been several tests regarding the effect of these microfibers on living organisms. The tests were conducted on crabs and the results were shocking. All of them had a change in behavior and their size had decreased. These microfibers made crabs to eat less which in turn made them shrink.

Tiny Fibers Are Poisoning The Oceans (1)

The science behind this is that these microfibers aren’t that dangerous by themselves. What makes them so dangerous is their attribute to affiliate with organic pollutants which are stored in our tissues and poison us over time.

This is a new problem we are facing and the most shocking thing is that nobody knows how to react to it, or solve it for that matter.


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