The biggest pink diamond sold for 31.56 millions

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The auction company “Sothebi’s” has announced that the biggest light-pink brushed diamond in the world was sold at an auction in Geneva for a record 31.56 million dollars. The “fight” was between two people on a phone in front of 150 competitors in the auction at a luxury hotel in Geneva.

The biggest pink diamond sold for 31.56 million dollars! (1)

“This is a new record for a pink diamond, and it is the largest price paid ever,” said David Bennett, the head of the department of jewelry in “Sotheby’s”. He also has mentioned that the buyer is from Asia.

From year to year, the number of billionaires in Asia increases, which is not a miracle that the buyer of this diamond is precisely from this continent. The “battle” was really close, and it lasts until the end. We are sure that the gentleman who bought this stunning masterpiece is very proud of himself.

This beautiful diamond of 15.38 carats, mounted on a ring, “Sotheby’s” has estimated it at between 28 and 38 million dollars. They have called it “special”!

It was found a year ago in a mine in South Africa, and the company “Cora International” in New York has processed it. The stone called “Single pink” is certified by the American Gemological Institute (GIA), and they have confirmed that there is a preferred shade of pink and “incomparable clearness“.

The biggest pink diamond sold for 31.56 million dollars! (2)

From all diamonds annually processed by “GIA”, only three percent have the highest grade for color and less than five percent of them are pink. But, only a few of these five percent have top brightness.

However, a record price per carat for a pink diamond holds a five carat diamond sold in Hong Kong in December 2009. This diamond was sold for stunning 10.8 million, or 2.15 million per carat!

But, for us, the “normal people” is left just to watch these auctions on out television and hope that someday, somebody of us will succeed to participate in them.

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