Are You Suffering From Leaky Gut?

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Today’s fast lifestyle and unbalanced diet bring many problems for our organism. However, our intestines are maybe the most affected. According to the experts, leaky gut is a common problem and it can occur due to a lot of things. But, number one factor for this health problem is consuming of food that contains gluten. In addition, check the article “Are you sensitive to gluten” in order to find out more information.

What exactly does leaky gut means?

So, we are clear that products like processed food, alcohol and sugar are potential causers of this problem. Therefore, we need to reduce their intake on minimum in order to avoid the consequences. We asked our doctor to explain to us what exactly leaky gut means. His answer is the following:

Are You Suffering From Leaky Gut

“ The wall of our intestines is permeable for some small molecules that are allowing it to absorb nutrients from the food. However, in some situations, these holes break apart and therefore waste products and toxins are going into our blood. They practically leak out. So, that is why this problem is called leaky hut.”

Leaky gut is a problem that starts in our intestines but it does not end there. When the toxic waste enters into our blood, it can cause various problems for many organs in our body. Therefore, we must be careful and able to recognize the signs and symptoms of leaky gut. Here is what you should consider about:

1. Allergies

Have you ever noticed bad feeling after you eat some food that is rich in gluten? If your answer is yes, it is maybe because your leaking gut is causing your body to produce more antibodies. These antibodies react with the antigens that are in certain foods which are causing you to be allergic to them.

2. Your body does not absorb enough nutrients

Due to this problem, our intestines cannot properly absorb the needed nutrients from the food we eat. Therefore, we experience feelings like fatigue, tinnitus and lack or appetite.

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3. Skin problems

If notice some skin problems, you should definitely visit your doctor. Our skin always reacts when there is a problem with our bloodstream.

4. Thyroid gland problems

This problem can cause various problems on your thyroid gland. One of the most common problem is chronic thyroiditis. In addition, this problem can cause many other health problems such as fatigue, depression or weight gain.

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