The Strongest Natural Antibiotics

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The fruits of the nature have always been used for health care and treatment of various diseases. On the other hand, most of the drugs of modern medicine are based on flowers, roots, leaves, minerals and fruits. If you want to defeat some diseases in a natural way, then seek the assistance of the following 3 natural antibiotics. Moreover, with their help, you will strengthen your immunity and therefore be more resistant to diseases.

The Strongest Natural Antibiotics

1. Garlic

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According to many, garlic is the king of vegetables. Due to its powerful properties, garlic is considered to be one of the best natural antibiotics. Moreover, unlike the chemical medications, garlic does not destroy the good bacteria in our body. In order to achieve this, consume 3-4 cloves per day. It is up to you if you want to consume it raw or in a salad.

2. Oil from wild oregano

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This magical oil is derived from the oregano leaves. Despite the fact that the flavor and the smell of the oregano perfectly match with many meals, the oil is a powerful fighter against infections. According to the experts, this oils combined with other natural antibiotics is great ally against many diseases. Just put few drops of this oil in a cup of tea or juice and after few weeks you will feel the benefits.

3. Chili pepper

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The chili peppers, which many people know it just as chili, is an important part of our natural medicine. Due to its healthy properties, it is used as an antibiotic against many diseases and infections. Moreover, it can also successfully deal with inflammations and can be used as pain killer. So, in order to keep your body healthy, introduce the chili peppers in your everyday diet. Just few circles from the pepper are enough to protect your body against influenza and other diseases.

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