STEM CELLS – Investment That Can Win Many Diseases

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About stem cells, one famous doctor once said: “Like many areas in medicine, this one is also insufficiently explored, but I think that in future this method will give great results. “

Until now, stem cells can cure about 80 diseases, including several types of leukemia and other cancers, metabolic disorders and blood problems. According to the scientists and doctors, with this method, autism, traumatic brain injury and cerebral palsy will be treated in the future.

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This method was not so popular in the past, but now, more and more people are deciding to invest in their health. However, this investment is not cheap. The prices around the world are pretty much the same. They vary from 2500-3000 Euros/Dollars. Unlike the past, nowadays there are many companies that are in this business. This sum is for period of 20-25 years. Then, a little sum is annually paid. Doctors say the preservation of stem cells from umbilical cord is a valuable source for treatment, and most of it today ends up as waste. However, it is a costly investment that not everyone can afford.

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Our reader from Norway said: “I wanted this so bad, but for our first child, me and my husband, we do not have the money to do it. But, we have promised to ourselves that for our next child, we will do our best to collect the needed amount of money.”

Rudolf from Germany said:”When we heard about this possibility, me and my wife have decided to invest in it. We did not have many information about stem cell and their benefit, but however, when it is about for my children’s life, we will do anything. For three months, we are expecting another child for which we will do the same. We have already collected the money for our next investment.”

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