Squid – Tasty Recipe And Health Benefits

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According to the statistics, squid is the most commonly consumed seafood by people. Despite the fact that it is extremely tasty, this seafood is also very beneficial for our overall health. Therefore, in the article below, we will find out why squid is so healthy and we will see one interesting recipe. So, lean back on your comfortable chair and take a closer look at the article below.

Squid – Tasty Recipe And Health Benefits

As some of you may know, squid is rich in many minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E. All of these vitamins have particular influence and benefit for our health. Therefore, vitamin A is taking care for our vision and skin. Therefore, if you consume foods with this vitamin, your skin will look younger and the aging spots will disappear. On the other hand, vitamin B is taking care about all our brain functions such as memory, learning and thinking. Vitamin C, as you may know, is crucial for our immune system. So, we must consume this vitamin in enough quantities as the body needs to defend himself from the diseases. Furthermore, vitamin E is mostly known as a great natural antioxidant.

Besides these vitamins, squid is also rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium. So, with all these healthy properties, we can assume that our body will be fully protected against any kind of disease.

Now, let’s take a closer look to the recipe that we have prepared for you today.

Stewed Squid With Tomatoes

Ingredient s needed:

  • 215 grams of butter beans
  • 300 grams fresh squid
  • 400 grams chopped tomatoes
  • 1 garlic
  • Handful of black olives
  • Parsley

Squid – Tasty Recipe And Health Benefits (1)

Preparation process:

In order to prepare this squid recipe, you should firstly fry the parsley, garlic and the onion until they become a little bit soft. After that, add the other ingredients in order to be simmered before you add the tomatoes. Furthermore, you should add the butter beans and a little bit of salt and pepper. So, once you have done this, add the squid on the top and cover them with foil. After 5 minutes, this delicious meal is ready for consuming.

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