Spring Onion – 3 Powers Of The Green Part

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Alternative medicine considers the spring onion incredibly valuable and healthy food. According to them, it affects the body inside and out. Moreover it helps with colds and reduction of high blood pressure.

On the other hand, spring onion acts against inflammation in the body, as well as against fungi, stress and fatigue.

Spring Onion – 3 Powers Of The Green Part

In the continuation of our blog you can check the benefits from this healthy food.

Why To Use Spring Onion?

1. Sore throat

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Cut the onion into pieces, and you can add a little bit of ginger and salt. After that, put them all together to put in a canvas bag or cloth and warm it up. Therefore, wrap it in another cloth or towel and place it on the area where you have problems such as neck, hands, chest or back.

2. Swollen legs

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Swollen legs are one more problem that many people around the world are suffering from. Luckily, spring onion is great against it. In order to prepare the perfect recipe, you should firstly boil the onion for a few minutes. After that, blend it well enough until you get a paste. In addition, you can add a little water if you think it is necessary. When you are done, apply this paste on the affected areas on your legs and leave it like that for about 20 minutes. According to the experts, this remedy is used for hundreds of years and it is very effective.

3. Stuffy nose

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One more problem that occurs very often it the flu season. Moreover, this problem is very annoying because it prevent the breathing. However, there is nothing to worry about because you already know what can help you. Crush the spring onions and soak a piece of cotton in their juice. After that, put it on your nose and on the area around the sinuses. Onions will activate the lining and will release the respiratory channels.

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