Sleep Position Reveals Your Character

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According to the British Centre for assessment of sleep, the position in which you sleep reveals your true personality. Professor Chris Idzikovski, who authored the study, has singled out six different body postures: fetus, starfish, freefall, soldier, desire and stump.

According to the ancient Greeks, sleeping on the side is the best for the health. The yoga instructors are recommending sleeping on the right side, because it does not strain the heart. Starfish and soldier are actually positions when the person is sleeping on his back. This posture increases the risk of snoring, breathing problems, stomach problems and sleep paralysis. The freefall position is the best for the stomach, because it allows good digestion of the food.

Sleep Position Reveals Your Character (1)

Below we present you the most famous sleeping positions:

1. Fetus

People who sleep in this position are often looking “hard” but they are actually very sensible. At first, they are shy, but they quickly release. The fetus position is the most typical position and is practiced more in women that the men.

2. Free – fall

Sleep Position Reveals Your Character (2)

Those who sleep on their stomach with their hands around the pillow and head facing sideways are usually sociable, but arrogant people. They have thin nerves and do not want extreme situations and criticism on their account.                                                                                                                                                             

3. Desire

People who sleep on their thighs with their arms stretched are usually open people. But, sometimes they can be cynical and distrustful. They rarely change their views and after deciding something, no one can change their opinion.

4. Stump

Those who sleep on their back with both hands placed on the body are simple and sociable people.  They have many friends and always want to be in the crowd. These people are brave and trust everyone, because of which are considered gullible.

5. Starfish

Persons who sleep with their both hands around the pillow are characterized as good friends. They always have time to listen to people and to provide assistance. This kind of people does not want to be in the spotlight.

6. Soldier

Sleep position reveals your character (3)

Sleeping on the back with arms along the body is characteristic of quiet and reserved people. They are very calm and do not want the fuss and noise. These figures are setting high standards for themselves, but they also require this from the others.


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