Shocking Dangers Of Monsanto’s Glyphosate

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Everyone has heard at least something about the company Monsanto. It is one of the biggest agronomic companies in the world. If you have heard about them, you have probably also heard about their main product, Roundup. This dangerous glyphosate has harmful effect on plants and it is especially toxic for people. Side effects of this product are eye irritation, skin irritation, problems with the blood pressure, heart diseases and nausea. However, despite all of these symptoms, Monsanto still promotes it like safe product. The worse part is that the product is selling very well.

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The Roundup, also known as glyphosate, is found in water supplies. It was found that after usage it has a lot of side effects when it was tested on animals. These side effects include inflamed stomach ache, genetic disorders, blood cells problems, salivary gland lesions and many types of cancer. However, despite many studies that were conducted on the danger of this glyphosate, the people from Monsanto are telling us that there is no evidence that glyphosate causes genetic disorders. According to them, there is no evidence about its reproductive toxicity and carcinogenicity.

Sometimes, the long term effects of Roundup are underestimated. Because of that, they can cause a large damage to the soil and plants. When potatoes are exposed to glyphosate, it gets into their growths, so when they are planted next year, they may have malformed shoots. The potatoes which have glyphosate particles in their seeds, have a 65 % reduction in growth.

This dangerous chemical has been banned in Sri Lanka, Netherlands and El Salvador. Some other countries like Brazil, Bermuda and France are preparing to ban this substance completely. There are more and more public studies about the side effects of the Monsanto’s Round Up, and people can find them on the Internet. Now, petitions and campaigns are becoming  more and more important as the basis of revealing large companies like Monsanto. We must raise awareness among people. People must realize the hidden game behind companies like Monsanto, and must avoid their products. Many crops around the world are treated with this product. Because of that they present serious treat for our health. Today, it is very hard to avoid GMO food because it is all over the markets. They have strong marketing and serious people are standing behind them. So, it is very easy for companies like this to offer their product to the public.

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Slowly, but effectively, these campaigns and various studies from a relevant scientist, have started to take effect. Many countries have banned every product that comes from Monsanto. Many people around the world have started to grow their own organic food. This means that people are becoming aware about the dangers that are hiding in the chemical food, and started to change their life. There are more and more organic and healthy shops, supermarkets and restaurants opened around the cities. And believe us, people appreciate this. They have started asking around for the meaning of the GMO food and tips how to avoid it. If you are one of these people, on our site, you can find many organic and healthy products. We are truly trying to promote healthy food and its benefits.

Everything summed up, the “war” with these dangerous companies and their products is not over. But according to statistics, their profit starts to fall down, which means that we are on a good way to win.

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