Why Is The Sea So Good For Our Health?

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Are you one of those you love to sit on a beach and drink a tasty cocktail? It is quite enough for us to just sit in front of it end enjoy. However, the sea does much more for us than just the wonderful effect of relaxation. The water and air are really good, both for our soul and for our body. Moreover, it can be a real cure for many problems that we have.

Why Is The Sea So Good For Our Health

Why Is The Sea So Good For Our Health?

To answer the questions about the benefits of going on a sea holiday, we are presenting the following answers.

1. Sea water treatment

The Greeks were the first to notice the healing effect of the sea. Popular wound therapy, ie seawater treatment, originates in Greece. This water has been used to treat diseases such as arthritis, eczema, asthma and back pain. Hippocrates has discovered the healing properties of the sea water by observing its action on the wounds. Therefore, he noticed that water accelerates wound healing, prevents infections and reduces the pain.

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2. Sea water stimulates the detoxification of the body

This is like that because swimming in it stimulates the functioning of organs that filter and excrete harmful substances from the body. The largest impact is on the skin, kidneys and on the liver. Therefore, the deposited harmful substances are moved through the lymph and the bloodstream to the surface, and the process of excretion is facilitated.

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3. Treatment of the skin problems

So, as you may know, the sea salt is unusually rich in various ingredients. It contains more than eighty different minerals, trace elements, and carbonates. Moreover, it also contains potassium, calcium, bromine, manganese, sodium, magnesium, iron, iodine and fluorine. So, because of this composition, sea water has a beneficial effect on the skin and helps with a variety of skin diseases.

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4. By sunbathing we supply our body with vitamin D

Sunbathing does not only contribute to a beautiful tan but also supplies our body with vitamin D. We bet you know that this vitamin is much needed for our body. Recent studies have shown that it plays a key role in preventing many diseases, including multiple cancer and sclerosis.

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