Why We Are Scared From Friday the 13th?

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When the full moon coincides with Friday the 13th, many people are scared. In fact, many people, especially women, are canceling their trips, taking day off from work. On the other hand, others just remain closed in their home until the next day. So, the question is: Is this an irrational fear or something in that Friday the 13th is associated with bad karma?

Why We Are Scared From Friday the 13th

On every Friday the 13th, the business world sees losses of about 900 million dollars. Moreover, on this day, Costa Concordia has suffered an accident in which 33 people have died. One of the world’s most famous events is “Black Friday” mini crash of the stock market in America which occurred on this day in 1989.

Why We Are Scared From Friday the 13th?

How widespread is the belief that the number 13 is an unlucky number, shows the fact that most skyscrapers in the world do not have a thirteenth floor. Most often it is called 12 A or people simply do not have access there. Many hotels and hospitals have no room with number 13, and also in some passenger planes you will not find number 13. Interesting fact is that according to a study published in the British medical journal, on every 13th Friday there are 52% more accidents with motorcycles, than on other Fridays.

Why We Are Scared From Friday the 13th (1)

However, Dr. Caroline Watt from the University in Edinburgh says that we are guilty for the most accidents on this day. Superstition is that one particular day brings a certain accident and increases the risk that something terrible will happen. Moreover, on this day people are more anxious and distracted than usual, so that increases the risk of accidents. Therefore, it seems that 13th Friday is an unlucky day. Dr. Caroline explains that the same situation is when a person thinks that there is some curse on him. Such persons are themselves endangering because of the fear and belief in this.

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