Roller skating – The best summer activity

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Summer days are in front of us. These days are great for going out and do some physical activity. Many of us are linking exercising only with running or going to the gym. But have you ever thought about roller skating? If your answer is no, you should definitely go to the shop and buy a pair of roller skates. We are telling you this because this type of activity will not only shape your body and make you look good, but also has good effect on your mind.

Below we are presenting few reasons why you should try roller skating;

1. It tightens your legs and butt

Roller skating – The best summer activity (2)

This exercise is great for your legs. The movements that you are doing while you are skating are tightening your whole legs, from the quadriceps to the calves. Also, roller skating is a great exercise that will make a great shape of your butt. Another benefit is that unlike running, there is no pressure on your joints. Therefore, you can successfully avoid these unwanted injuries.

2. Make you to lose weight

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Fitness experts are saying that if you do this exercise for about 40 minutes, you can burn up to 350 calories. Burning calories is proportional with the speed of skating.  While skating, try to tight your stomach as longer as you can. This will burn the fat around your stomach faster and make you more muscles.

3. Fulfills you with positive thoughts

Roller skating – The best summer activity (1)

As we mentioned at the beginning, roller skating has a great impact on your psychological health. It is amazing how it fulfills you mind with positive thoughts. If you are skating in some park with a great nature, you will feel amazing because of the surrounding. The negative thoughts will disappear and you will only think about you end will enjoy in the beautiful nature.

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