Reuse Your Old Picture Frames

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Do you have many old picture frames and you do not know what to do with them? Listen our advice and reuse them to make your life easier and more interesting. Open your imagination and use your free time in order to make some interesting projects. Moreover, you can do this together with your family in order to spend some quality time together.

Reuse Your Old Picture Frames

However, there are so many hacks and tricks how to reuse the old frames. You just need to make a plan for what you want to use them. In order to make your choice easier, we made a small list with some very cool ideas. So, do not hesitate to look the list and try some of them by yourself.

Amazing DIY ideas for your picture frames

1. Frame like cool hangers

Reuse Your Old Picture Frames (1)

Take thin rope and some pegs and make interesting hangers within the frames.

2. Use it for bathroom storage

Reuse Your Old Picture Frames (3)

Take the old frame, make some shelves within it and turn it in wonderful bathroom storage. You can paint it in which color you want.

3. Small plant garden

Reuse Your Old Picture Frames (2)

Connect three picture frames and form small garden for your flowers. It looks unique and very fancy. You can paint them in different colors if you want some interesting look.

4. Useful organizer

Reuse Your Old Picture Frames (4)

With the small frames you can make some interesting table organizer for your home or workplace. You can put some pens or some sticker notes on it in order to remind you to do some work.

5. Key holder

Reuse Your Old Picture Frames (5)

A key holder is a perfect thing to have. We often forget where we put our keys and lose decent time in order to find them. For that reason, here is one great idea to make your own key holder with a picture frame. You only need to add some hooks and hand the frame on the wall. Paint it with some eye-catchy color.

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