Remedies And Causes For Glaucoma

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If you ask some doctor or some other medical expert, he will tell you that glaucoma is the most common eye disease. It is practically damage of the optic nerve in the eye. According to the experts, that nerve is connecting the brain and the eye.

Remedies And Causes For Glaucoma

For this reason, it is very important for you to know the causes and symptoms of this disease in order to treat it right. Moreover, we will suggest you some home remedies that can really help you with this problem. So, let’s start first with the causes.

Remedies And Causes For Glaucoma


The main reason because of which this disease is appearing is the eye pressure. This pressure is damaging the eye nerve that is crucial for the communication between the brain and the eye. However, there are different types of eye pressure. High pressure leads to hardening of the eye and low pressure leads to eye softening. So, because of the fact that eye nerves are very sensitive, they are easily damaged.

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There are several symptoms by which you will know that you are facing glaucoma. However, there are two general groups. Open – angle and closed – angle glaucoma. The symptoms in the open – angle group are characterized by the reduced visual acuity. Furthermore, severe headache, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting are the symptoms from the closed – angle group.

Home remedies

So, besides standard eye drops or some other medications that are suggested by your doctor, there are some home remedies that can help you.

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As you can guess, the number 1 home treatment that you can get for this disease is balanced and healthy diet. So, try to consume some healthier food products rich in vitamins because they are very important for your eyes. Do not avoid green leafy vegetables and carrots. They are some of the best sources of the vitamins needed for the health of your eyes.

Moreover, we found out that exercising is reducing the eye pressure. Therefore, you need to choose the suitable fitness program and prepare for exercising. However, you should also know that regular rest is as much important as fitness.

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