Refreshing Cocktails For The End Of The Summer

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We all want food that is good for our health. However, it is especially good when we can combine this food with additional nutrients. In that order, we have the opportunity to make some healthy and refreshing cocktails with amazing flavor.

Refreshing Cocktails For The End Of The Summer

So, make these cocktails at your home and enjoy with your friends. In addition, they are really easy for preparing.

Three refreshing cocktails for extraordinary experience

1. Cocktail from juice and gin

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Ingredients needed:

  • Strained juice by your taste
  • Gin
  • Ice
  • Decoration by your choice

Preparation process:

You have the freedom to choose which fruit you will use in the preparation process. So, pick up your favorite fruit and strain the juice from them. Fill the glass with the juice and the gin and put the ice in it. So now, the drink is ready for consuming.

2. Cocktail from cucumber, watermelon and kombucha

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You can make this cocktail non-alcoholic or alcoholic. It is your choice.

Ingredients needed:

  • 1 small peeled cucumber
  • 150 grams of watermelon
  • 470 ml Kombucha
  • 120 ml soda water
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • Mint leaves for decoration

Preparation process:

Moreover, this cocktail is one of the most refreshing cocktails out there. Firstly, you need to cut the watermelon into cubes and the cucumber into circles. Next, put them in some medium size bowl. Pour the kombucha over them and put the bowl in the fridge to overnight. Since you have done that, strain the kombucha through gauze. Put the cucumber and the watermelon in a blender and mix them. Furthermore, you can strain this liquid also and mix it with the kombucha. In the end, add the other ingredients. Also, add the mint leaves so you can decorate the cocktail. Enjoy!

3. Mojito from basil and blackberry

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Are you ready to try this completely new version of the known mojito cocktail? If so, take a closer look to this recipe.

Ingredients needed:

  • 12 grams sugar cane
  • Half a lemon
  • 6-7 leaves of basil
  • Blackberries
  • 50 ml white rum
  • 60 ml mineral water
  • 140 grams of crushed ice

Preparation process:

Add the blackberries, lemon and sugar in a cocktail glass and stir it well. Now, add basil and stir well again. In addition, you can add a little bit of white rum. In the end, add the mineral water and decorate the drink with mint leaves.

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