Red Onions – Powerful Ingredient That Destroys Cancer

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Unfortunately, we are witnesses that almost every day there is some cancer case reported in the hospitals. This disease is so spread among people that doctors are recommending strict precaution measures. However, the people should not be scared and must take some actions in order to prevent the occurrence of this disease. One of the best ways to protect yourself is through healthy diet. According to the experts, red onions are containing some great properties that can help you in this case.

Red Onions – Powerful Ingredient That Destroys Cancer

However, the biggest problem with cancer is that it is often noticed when it is too late. It often happens when it is spread on many organs in the body. That is why it is also called sneaky disease. You should never take everything for granted, but you must change your diet plan in order to have healthier life.

Red Onions – The best ingredient against cancer

According to the expert team from The University in Ontario, Canada, red onions are containing very powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants are actually killing the cancer cells and prevent them to spread. Moreover, this especially applies for colon cancer, which actually is the most spread cancer among people. However, we must mention that for now, these tests are ran in lab in the University. But, the scientist are determined to investigate a little bit more about this case and hopefully come out with a potential drug in the near future.

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During the study, the team of the best scientist took extracts from 10 different types of onions. Therefore, they have used them against colon and breast cancer cells. So, at the end of the study, they have revealed that the Western Yellow and the pungent yellow onions are the best ones. With other words, these types are providing the best cancer protection.

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However, in order to have completely healthy life, you need to introduce fitness in your daily routine. IN our article, How To Introduce Fitness In Your Life, you can find some interesting tips. For beginning, you should start walking 3 times per week. Therefore, when you get enough stamina, you can start jogging or some more complex exercises.

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