Red Alert Over The Severe Air Pollution In Beijing

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There is a global problem in the world with the air pollution. Many non-governmental organizations are protesting around the world against this problem. Moreover, in the recent years, more and more people are becoming aware about this problem. Furthermore, many diseases have occurred in the recent years due to the air pollution.

Red Alert Over The Sever Air Pollution In Beijing

In addition, many people and health experts are claiming that the governments are polluting the air with the spraying from the planes. According to them, harmful chemical or more known as chemtrails, are released in the sky above us. The government is claiming that with this action, they are killing insects and bacteria and therefore they are protecting the population.

Red Alert Over The Sever Air Pollution In Beijing

Another information about this pollution is coming from Beijing. Namely, the pollution is so high in this city so the authorities are forced to call red alert. This is especially important for the following 5-6 days. So, in order to reduce this problem, the authorities will introduce the odd-even number plate system of driving cars. Therefore, cars with odd plate numbers can be on the road on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On the other hand, cars with even plate numbers can be on the road for the rest of the days in the week. So, due to the fact that this pollution comes from the factories they will be closed for the next 3-4 days.

Red Alert Over The Sever Air Pollution In Beijing (2)

The air pollution situation in China is scary. According to the statistics, around 4000 people per day are dying in the industrial parts of the country. Therefore, the government is determined to reduce this number on minimum and is ready to take some crucial measures. According to them, the main causers of the air pollution in Beijing are vehicles, coal-fired power plants and factories. However, it is known fact that around 60% of the electricity in the country depends on coal. For that reason, this battle is hard to run.

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