Psychological Trick- Wear Purple Bracelet

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If you want to change your life, the first thing that you need to do is to change your mindset. Stop focusing on the negative things in life, comparing yourself with others, gossip or complain about everything. Read below in this article about the bracelet challenge of Dr. Bowen.

Psychological trick- Wear purple bracelet (1)

In order to change your thoughts and check yourself whether you are capable of doing this, Will Bowen, a priest from Missouri, challenges you to try to do one very simple psychological experiment. All that you need to do is to wear purple bracelet on one hand for 21 days. But the condition for this is to not complain about anything at all during the day. Each time you complain you switch the bracelet to the other hand and start from beginning (0 days).

Maybe you want to ask why exactly purple bracelet? Can I put some other color?

Well, according to the psychologists, this color possesses tonic effect on the brain and it helps to relieve stress and irritability. If you wear it for 21 days, it is a sufficient period for any habit to get into the subconscious. The author him selves writes that he was able to wear the bracelet on one hand even for 3 months. The majority of people come to this result even after 5 to 6 months of trying.

Psychological trick- Wear purple bracelet (2)

The first few weeks, the bracelet switches from one hand to the other up to 20 times a day. Then, you will automatically reduce the switching on once per day and after a few months, the bracelet will stay on one hand for a whole week.

His idea was so fascinating and effective that was supported by several million people around the world.

During that time, a person can learn to record more positive moments in themselves and the people and things that surround them. After this experiment, many people around the world are writing that it has removed the veil from their eyes. That the world is not that bad place to live, and there are many things that will make you happy and satisfied.

At the beginning, you put a lot of effort. But, over time, you realize that the termination of complaining is a conscious choice, and the world around you is transformed beyond recognition. For most people this later became a way of life which is dominated by the good and positive things. They did not have the need to wear this bracelet any more, and yet their life was filled with happiness and satisfaction.

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