Positie And Negative Sides Of Visiting London

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Whenever you go to visit or to stay for a longer time in some other city, you are full of excitement. You immediately make some plan for which food you want to try or which place you want to visit. However, the things are not often happening like you were planned. Almost always something unexpected comes up. Therefore you must be prepared for anything. In that order, if you have decided to visit London this year, check out these pros and cons below.

1. Amazing Art Places

If you are a real art lover, you will not want to leave London. Daily tours around the city and night parties in the museums are just some of the things that you must visit. However, if you ask us, we will suggest to you to visit the Saatchi Gallery and Tate Modern museum. Believe us, you will not regret.

2. Food lovers

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In London, you can find so many different places and food specialties for eating. Whenever you are a fan of Chinese, Korean or Italian food, you can find everything in the city center. However, you should better check the prices first before you order something because these restaurants can be really expensive.

3. Shopping

Some of the world’s most known brands have stores in London. Therefore, if you go there for shopping, we believe that 2-3 will be too little for you.

As we said in the beginning, every city has its own good and bad sides. For that reasons, in the continuation check out the bad sides of London.

1. Crowd

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This beautiful city is known for its business opportunities and therefore you should have in mind that there is a lot of crowd on the streets. Moreover, many tourists visit this city throughout the whole year and make additional crowds in the museums, parks and shopping malls. Therefore, people who actually live there are often choosing to spend their weekend home with their families.

2. You Cannot Finish Many Things In One Day

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Many companies and public institutions work from 9 am to 5 pm. In addition, due to the size of the city, sometimes it is impossible for you to accomplish all the work that you have planned for that day. Therefore, before you start doing something, it is better if you make small plan of priorities.

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