Pool Exercises For Treating Back Pain

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Due to the workplace or some other things, many people around the world have back pain. In order to get rid of them, they are trying various methods.However, experts are saying that water therapy is one of the most effective ways of treating body pains and problems. This therapy is also called aquatic therapy and it is also recommended for pregnant women. So, in order to make it easier for you, we will present you few pool exercises that can be really helpful for you.

Pool Exercises For Treating Back Pain

Pool Exercises For Treating Back Pain

1. Walking in the water

This exercise is usually done first in order to warm up your muscles and prepare them for the training session. So, in order to do this exercise properly, you need a pool that is filled up to your waist. Therefore, walk in the pool from one end to the other as you regularly walk down on the street. But, have in mind that your back should be straight all the time.

2. Leg circles

This exercise is a great therapy for those who suffer from pain in the higher parts of the legs and in the lower back. So, stand on one leg in a pool that has waist high water in it, and make 5 clockwise circles with the other leg. After that, make 5 more circles in the counter clockwise way. When you are done with the first leg, repeat this process with the other leg. These exercises will get you rid from the back pain in a fast way.

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3. Sit-down

Another exercise that targets your back and spine. If you can find a chair that you can put in the pool, it would be great. So, now, stand straight in the pool with your back placed on a wall. Then, lower your body slowly until you sit on the char. However, do not separate your back from the wall. If you can, repeat this process at least 10 times and then make 30 seconds pause.

All of these pool exercises are targeting your lower back and are really effective. However, you should do them properly and without rush. Go slow through every workout and your back pain will disappear.

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