Pistol Squats – Test Your Fitness!

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Stand on one leg, while the other stretched out in front of you. Your hands are also stretched out in order to maintain a good balance. While you are in this position, lower the body down, as you want to sit on a low chair. In this position, the thigh muscles should rely on the calves. Then stand up. In short terms, this is how pistol squats look like.

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One of the most fascinating and inspiring exercises for sure is the one leg squats (pistol squats). This is an advanced exercise that not everyone can perform. But, the person who can do a few repetitions with or without additional weight, often elicit respect from the average exercisers in the gym.

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In order to be able to perform “Pistol”, you have to have it all – strength, agility, endurance, coordination and balance. To understand how difficult this exercise is, try to do one repetition without weights. Some people have lack of power, but for most of the trainees, mobility in the ankles and hips is the biggest problem. Therefore, we have put this exercise in the category of advanced exercises. While performing pistol squats, you will develop mobility and strength on many levels. But be careful. You can easily get injured while doing this exercise.

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Now let us show you how to do this exercise properly, and reduce the risk of injury at minimum.

Starting position:

As we mentioned at the beginning, you should stand on your right leg, and stretch out your left leg. Stretch out your hands in order to have balance and lower your body down. For beginners, is better to put a chair in front of them, in order to hold on to it. After you finish the squat, do it again on the other leg.


  • Tight the stomach
  • Your heel should stay on the floor
  • Stretched leg should not hit the floor
  • The spine should be in neutral position

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When you master this exercise, and it becomes easy for you to do it, try to take a kettlebell in our hand.

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