Perfect Homemade Cherrie Liqueur

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Season of cherries is almost at the end, and this amazing fruit with a sour-sweet taste can be used for preparation of confectionery, syrups and compotes. But, one more thing that we can make out of this fruit is a delicious liqueur.

Perfect Homemade Cherrie Liqueur (3)

You might hear some rumors that it is hard to make good liqueur. But we encourage you to look our recipe and decide by yourself. It is very simple and does not requires much time.

 Now, let’s take a look how it is made:

Perfect Homemade Cherrie Liqueur (1)

Ingredients needed:

  • Brandy
  • Cherries
  • Sugar

How it is made:

At the beginning, wash the cherries well, and take the branches and the leaves out. Take one clean jar and on the bottom put one layer of cherries. On top of them put one layer of sugar. You should repeat this procedure until you fill the whole jar. Important this in the process is not to close the jar with a jar cap. The best is just to put some small plate on the jar and leave it aside. Find some place where there is a lot of sunlight and put the jar there. After the sugar melts, pour the brandy into the jar. Put the jar on some dark place and leave it there for about a month. After this period, the delicious liqueur is ready for degustation.

Perfect Homemade Cherrie Liqueur (2)

Take one glass from the liqueur and if it is good, immediately call your friends in order together to enjoy in this amazing recipe! You can also fill one bottle and store it in order to open it in some special occasions, like childbirth, birthday or something special only for you! Cheers!

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