Organize Your Fridge – Tips That You MUST Do

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Well-organized fridge is crucial for the safe storage of our food. Some people do not pay enough attention about this process and have problems with their food supplies.

Organize Your Fridge – Tips That You MUST Do

In order to help you, we have prepared a simple guide that we will show you. This guide is  and for this purpose you should look at this simple guide that you show below, that will assist you manage to keep the food to be fresh that in a while.

Food schedule in the fridge

1. Bottom shelves

This is the coldest part of your refrigerator where you should keep the fish and raw meat. Therefore, you will reduce the risk of food poisoning.

2. Middle shelves

In these shelves, you should store the dairy products such as yogurt, milk, cheese and butter.

3. Top shelves

In these shelves, you should store food products that do not need preparation. These types of foods are meat products and some remains from the lunch or dinner.

4. Door shelves

This is the warmest part of the fridge. Moreover, this part is most susceptible to fluctuations in temperature. For that reason, here you should store foods that have natural preservatives, such as juice, spices, etc. However, you should definitely not store your milk here. We want you to remember this because a common habit among people is to store the milk on the door shelves.

Organize Your Fridge – Tips That You MUST Do (2)

Additional tips:

1. Keep the raw and the cooked food separated as much as possible.

2. Clean the fridge regularly. Furthermore, you can use a toothbrush for the angles.

3. Be careful and do not allow the fridge to catch too much ice.

4. Very useful info is not to store the fresh food in the back of the fridge. This part is the coldest one so the food can freeze.

5. You should also know that you need to keep some vegetables and fruits out of the fridge. These types of foods usually are peaches, bananas, tomatoes, pears and avocados. By keeping them in the refrigerator, you can promote their spoil.

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