October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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According to the health experts, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer worldwide. They key for its treatment is the early detection. Therefore, doctors are appealing to the women to do mammograms in order to notice the breast cancer (if it exists) in the most treatable and earliest stage. In addition, it is very important to know the signs and symptoms of this terrible disease.

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

However, there are many factors that have influence on the occurrence of this type of cancer. The risk for this diseases is increasing proportional with the women’s age. Also, there are many family – related cancer cases. Unfortunately, there is not much that we can do about these two scenarios. But, there are more factors on which we can act. For example, alcohol, overweight and some contraceptives can increase the risk for breast cancer. But, we can change or reduce all of these factors in order to help ourselves.

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In this situation, it is the best for you to talk with your doctor or nutritionist about your lifestyle habits. Therefore, they will tell you if you might be at risk. In addition, he or she will tell you if you need to change something in your lifestyle. Besides that, it is very important for women to learn to make self-examinations. Therefore, they can examine themselves more often.

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month (1)

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month (2)

However, this breast cancer awareness is not made only to raise the awareness among women to examine themselves more often. It is also very important for women who are already facing with this scary disease. They need the whole support and resources on this world in order to continue to fight. The most important thing in this situation is to stay calm and think rationally. Patients should be aware about their situation and should get really familiar with the problem in order to act effectively. You should not hesitate to ask more doctors and other health experts in order to get the whole situation better and win the battle in front of you.


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