When You Should NOT Drink Water

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We all know that water is vital for our life and health, but that does not mean that we need to constantly drink plenty of water. Also, it is very important what kind of liquid we drink.

When You Should NOT Drink Water

Therefore, if you find yourself in the following 5 situations, think twice before you reach for the glass of water. This is because you will have more negative effects than positive ones.

When You Should NOT Drink Water?

1. You ate big meal

One of the simplest ways to reduce the number of calories you have entered is to drink fluids before a meal. Therefore, you will eat less food than usual because the liquid occupies a space in the stomach. But for the same reason, drinking too much water before or during a meal can slow down the digestion and cause bloating. We need to allow our digestive system to process the food before we put some fluids in it.

2. You already drank large quantities

Although this happens very rarely, it is quite possible to drink too much fluids which is harmful for our health. For example, people are tempted to drink a lot of water at once if they are dealing with sports. Moreover, it can also happen if they think that drinking large quantities will help us in detoxification.

When You Should NOT Drink Water (1)

There is no need to drink a lot of fluids at once, because it violates the body’s balance of salt, or sodium, which can lead to nausea and vomiting.

3. Your urine is clear

If your urine is transparent, bright and clear, it means that your body is supplied with sufficient amount of fluids. Therefore, there is no need to add additional amount of water. But if the urine has a dark yellow color, it is a sign that you should grab one glass. In that way, you will also clear your body from the toxins.

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