New Treatment Cures Alzheimer’s Disease

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A new study has just been published in one magazine which is getting a lot of attention by the media these days. The study says that we have finally become closer to eliminating the Alzheimer’s disease. Several patients have been undergoing a special dubbed metabolic enhancement for neurodegeneration. This process, also known as MEND has helped those patients to return to the jobs they were unavailable to do, and for those unemployed to have better chances at finding one.

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So, what makes this treatment so special?

First of all, the treatment for Alzheimer’s disease is consisted of 36 different points such as vitamin supplements, brain stimulation, dietary changes, medication and exercise among many others. After finishing their treatment, many of the patients were back to normal again. The success of this program is referred to with a roof comparison. If your roof was leaking and it had 36 types of holes and you were really good at fixing one, it would leave 35 holes unattended.

The success of this program was really unexpected, but one man’s results left the scientists amazed. When the man first started this program, his hippocampus was very small, only 17 percent of its original size. But, after finishing this program, it grew up to 75 percent which is due to the major improvement in his cognitive overall abilities. And this man was in his mid 60s!

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Another man, in his late 60s was about to close his business before taking this program, After six months, he was able to recognize his coworkers and could remember his weekly working schedule. After finishing the program, when 22 months passed, his memory recall was almost as good as a healthy, 40 year old man. His memory recall was at 87 percent out of a possible 100.

This program and the results that it has achieved so far are amazing. It is yet to be implemented in medicine and tests are still being done, but it is the most promising thing we have ever seen.

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