Why You Need To Drink Warm Water And Lemon?

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You will often hear how it is good to drink 2-3 cups of warm water immediately after you wake up. It will boost our metabolism and will improve the digestion. This way of alternative medicine came up from Japan. Japanese soldiers used to drink warm water on empty stomach in order to stay healthy during the second World War.

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This method is approved by many doctors and scientist. However, they also suggest to add a little lemon in the water for better results.

Below in this post we want to show you a few health benefits when you drink warm water with lemon on an empty stomach.

1. It will improve our digestion

When you drink this drink immediately after waking up, it will help you to clear your body from toxins that it has collected during the previous day and night. The composition of this drink is similar to saliva and because of that it will improve the digestion in our body. Not to mention that lemon is a great source of vitamin C, which has additional benefits for the whole organism. We also should not forget the lemon peel which is a great ally in fight with many diseases.

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2. Healthy urinary tract

Maybe you will ask yourself how can this drink help us to have healthy urinary tract? This is because the lemon and water increase the urination rate in our body. How often we drink it, we often go to toilet and eliminate the toxins and other harmful particles. This procedure keeps our urinary tract healthy.

3. Makes our skin to look nicer

Besides other healthy compounds, lemon is also rich in antioxidants. They are the main fighter against blemishes and wrinkles. That is why many women are practicing this method. After you drink 2 cups of this drink, you can also apply it on the wrinkles or other spots that you want to treat. The results will be great.

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4. Makes our breath fresher

Another characteristic by which lemon is so famous among people is that it refreshes your breath. The acid that lemon contains can help you with tooth camel. Also it can cure the tooth pain which cases you enormous headache. Do not forget, brush your teeth before you drink water and lemon, no afterwards.

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5. Improves our mood

You have surely noticed that sometime after breakfast or lunch our mood goes down and we feel a little bit exhausted. This is because the food and drinks are have big role in our mood and energy throughout the day. Drinking warm water on empty stomach can improve your mood and will fill you up with energy for the rest of the day.

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