NASA Admits – We Are Spraying With Chemtrails

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Interesting study came up few weeks ago that NASA admits that they were spraying toxic ingredients in the air. According to them, lithium is sprayed in the ionosphere in order to help people with manic depression. Moreover, they also help people with bi –polar disorder.

NASA Admits – We Are Spraying With Chemtrails

When the first controversial information about chemtrails that have been sprayed in the air, many people do not believe it. The information said that military and commercial planes are releasing toxic gases in the air. They are so similar to contrails but they are retained longer in the air. This information is not considered to be from some crucial value until experts and scientists start to show up.

NASA admits that chemtrails exist!

Step by step, a lot of controversial information came up about this problem. In addition, non-governmental organizations and other human organizations started to organize protests. People are claiming that a lot of diseases occurred due to these unknown ingredients. Moreover, the number of cancer and other serious disease cases was increased.

NASA Admits – We Are Spraying With Chemtrails (1)

Due to this pressure, the authorities came up to the public and denied these accusations. Moreover, they said that those were conspiracy theories that cannot be proven with evidence. Furthermore, they have denied the existence of the HAARP system.

However, after the public pressure, they have finally admitted. People from NASA admitted that chemtrails are real and are used in order to help people with some disease. In addition, a former worker in NASA has revealed some confidential information in public about the spraying. However, we will publish these information in some other article.

NASA Admits – We Are Spraying With Chemtrails (2)

Now, the question remains unanswered. How can NASA or the authorities spray some lithium particles in the air in order to cure people? What about those people who are not ill? Will this spraying do some damage to them?

As we all know, nobody will ever answer these questions for us. So, we need to continue to fight for what is right and what is good.

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