Mykonos – The Amazing Greek Diamond

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Mykonos is one the most famous Greek islands. This beautiful island is home of some of the world’s most famous people such as Sting, Silvio Berlusconi and others. Also, people are saying that there is a waiting list of billionaires who seek opportunity to build some house or hotel.

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There is a myth that the island was named after the ancient hero who has compared himself with Apollo. This step made him very famous among people.

For Mykonos, as well as for all Cyclades, the period from late prehistory is an extremely important. The Cycladic civilization is very similar to Crete civilization. Mainly, this island is populated with Greek people. However, from year to year, this fact is changing.

Considering the fact that this island is becoming very popular, many people are visiting it. Due to the development of tourism at a high level, many hotels were built there. So, in some periods of the year, there are more tourists on the island than permanent residents.

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Mykonos economy is based on tourism and marine activities and less on traditional agriculture, citrus fruits and olives. Traditional mills – windmills today are symbols of the island.

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According to the visitors, this place is like paradise. The amazing white buildings which you will see there are something special. The whole place is like from the old times. Simple wood chairs in the restaurants and the stone little streets are something that you will make you feel relaxing. Everyone is minding their own business and the life there is everything but not intense.

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During the day, you can enjoy in the long walks, or you can drink your favorite coffee looking at the beautiful sea. At night, there are many small restaurants with live music. The people on this island are very friendly and good hosts. They will offer you to enjoy in their traditional food and music.

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So, if you still have not visited this island, we are strongly suggesting to you to do it. You will not regret.

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