Monsanto’s Cartel In India Pushes Poisonous GMOs On Innocent Victims

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Even though there were many rumors that Bayer will not buy Monsanto, actually the opposite has happened. Two days ago, this Germany company bought Monsanto for a stunning 67 Billion dollars. However, this deal is crucial for monopolization of seeds market. So, now this company becomes the world’s biggest supplier of these poisonous GMOs.

Monsanto’s Cartel In India Pushes Poisonous GMOs On Innocent Victims

 However, these two companies have history together. Namely, they were producing lethally poisonous gases and explosives during both world wars. According to the experts, Monsanto is responsible for producing Agent Orange. So, for those who do not know, this mixture from chemical defoliants that is used in destroying forests in Vietnam. During this program, the soldiers have thrown 20 million gallons of herbicides and have destroyed huge acres of land. Moreover, these herbicides are responsible for causing serious health problems in humans. Some of them are lung cancer, birth defects and psychological problems among people.

Monsanto’s Poisonous GMOs

This new business relationship between these companies gives them unlimited access to each other’s resources. These companies together with DuPont Pioneer, Mahyco and Dow Argo created an alliance. They created it in order to form the Federation of Seed Industry in India. Moreover, this alliance provides them stronger influence over the nation there.

Monsanto’s Cartel In India Pushes Poisonous GMOs On Innocent Victims (2)

In addition, these companies are able to bully and assault the local farmers I order to take these poisonous GMOs. They are doing this because after USA, this country is the biggest market for Monsanto. Furthermore, only in the last year, from the GMO cotton seeds, the company has earned mid blowing 98 Million dollars. However, according to the president of India, they are ready and determined to stop this battle. They want Monsanto out of their land. Few months ago, an article has appeared on the internet that Indian farmers are growing organic seeds. This means that the government really took some steps in order to prevent this company of selling poisonous GMOs.

How to protect ourselves from the poisonous GMOs?

So, now the only thing that left is to wait and see what is going to happen. There are many protests organized around the world for this matter. Moreover, people are becoming more aware about the whole situation. As we all know, a numerous diseases have occurred for the last few years due to these herbicides. The government and the health experts are advising that people should consume more organic food. the best is if they can star growing their own organic food in their yards. In that way, they will be sure that they are consuming healthy food. In addition, when buying food from the market, people must look at the label of the food.

Monsanto’s Cartel In India Pushes Poisonous GMOs On Innocent Victims (1)

Another thing that people should do from time to time is to detoxify their body. In that way, the body gets rid from the toxins. Also, we are improving the digestive function and the heart function. For this reason, you should drink a glass of water with lemon in the morning. The best is if you do this on a empty stomach. However, you must be determined not to consume junk food throughout the day. In that way our body will stay healthy and more resistant to diseases.

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