Miracle Of Mother Nature

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In the center of the Reunion island, a beautiful village with amazing nature is settled. The island occurred three million years ago, due to lava outpouring. One part of the island that is known as the Cirque de Mafate, is separated from the rest of the island with sharp rocks, beautiful mountains and untouched nature. The only way to get here is by helicopter or through the thick forest.

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Residents have begun to populate this area in the 18th century, and the first wave of settlement was led by the freed slaves. Short time after them, French farmers have arrived here in search for better life. It is sadly that all these people and their close family are isolated from the rest of the world.

Today, about 800 people live here, and almost all of them came from the first settlers. There are several very poor villages in Cirque de Mafate. The people here do not know what is computer, TV or internet. As the matter of fact, they do not have water or electricity. It is very hard for them when they need a medical help. It need some time until doctor came there with helicopter.

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Six years ago, UNESCO has declared the whole Reunion for World Heritage. Since then, it attracts more and more visitors who are fascinated from the beauty of the nature there. There is large interest among the tourists for the large breathtaking forests and the local culture.

Reunion is home for various endemic types of insects, birds and plants. It is an interesting fact that the number of the unique plants and animals is several times greater that the Galapagos.

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Although the walking and mountain climbing can be exhausting, believe us, you will not regret for the single step you take in the 3-4 hours walk until you get to the island. It is definitely worth seeing.

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