Million Stars Hotel

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Many people when going to holiday or some vacation want to sleep in a comfortable room with all the stuff they need. Others, more adventurous that the previous ones, want to sleep in a tent or in some open place in order to enjoy in the nature. While some people choose hotel with 3, 4 or 5 stars, other choose to sleep in a hotel with million stars.

Million Stars Hotel (1)

Million Stars Hotel

Yes, it may sound strange, but let us show you what we are talking about here. Namely, the conceptual hospitality company “Null Stern” has opened tourist offer, giving the option of hotel rooms that are found in nature under the open sky. This idea was born between Null Stern company and Daniel Carboni. This amazing room can be found in the Swiss canton Graubinden, at an altitude of 2,000 meters above ground. The rooms are very interesting and do not have walls, bathrooms or roof. They only have one large bed, few laps and a club table. Also, not to forget, the room has room service and breakfast is included in the price. Regarding the price, the room is a little bit more expensive. It costs 230 Euros for one night.

Million Stars Hotel (2)

The room also has its own battler which is great. It is important to mention that all these rooms are available from spring to autumn. Also, the company gives option to cancel the reservation if the weather is not good. The benefits of sleeping in this place are numerous. You can directly enjoy in the fresh air that Swiss mountains have. In the morning, when you wake up, you can immediately go for a walk and feel the beautiful nature.

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Million Stars Hotel (3)

A special feeling is at night. The words cannot describe the beauty when you sleep on a open sky and look the stars. So, as we said, what for some people is just open and cold mountain place to be, for others it is a hotel with million stars.

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