McGregor’s Coach Kavanagh Is Disappointed

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Finally, McGregor’s team has decided to talk about the recent situation with Conor’s featherweight belt. According to the coach Kavanagh, the whole team is really disappointed from the UFC’s decision to take McGregor’s belt. He said that some other champions have not fought for the whole year and they still have their belt.

McGregor’s Coach Kavanagh Is Disappointed

Coach Kavanagh is disappointed in the UFC’s decision

As some of you know, few days ago, UFC has decided to take off Conor McGregor’s featherweight belt. Moreover, what was even more surprising is that they give it to Jose Aldo who is now undisputed featherweight champion. Just as a reminder, Conor McGregor has knocked out Jose Aldo inside 13 seconds and took his belt. From the beginning of his career, The Notorious was saying that he will be the first two-weight division champion in the UFC. Therefore, few weeks ago, he has achieved his dream by defeating the lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

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Many people thought that exactly Alvarez will be the toughest opponent for The Notorious. But however, his was everything but that. McGregor has knocked him out in the second round. Therefore, he became the undisputed, two-weight division champion in UFC history. After a while, Aldo has fought Frankie Edgar for the interim featherweight title. In this fight, Jose Aldo has won and therefore he was scheduled to fight Conor for the real featherweight belt. But, instead of that, Conor has fought twice with Nate Diaz and after that with Eddie Alvarez for the title.

Because Conor McGregor did not came back in the featherweight division, UFC has decided to take his belt. This action bring many controversies among both fighters and McGregor’s supporters. The one that was the most nervous in this situation was the coach Kavanagh. According to him, this whole situation is embarrassing. There were many other champions that did not fought for 18 months and still have their title.

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However, it is what it is. The time will tell what will happen next. The only thing what is left to us is to cheer up for our favorite fighter and wait to see which title he will attack next.

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