Mark Zuckerberg Will Donate $3 Billion To Fight Diseases

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Due to the water and air contamination, we are witnesses of many diseases that occurred in the past years. Therefore, many health and non – governmental organizations are trying their best to put the diseases under control. They are investing large amounts of money in the science and in the health appliances in order to be more efficient in the fight with the diseases. So, they have some progression but a lot of work is still in front of them. However, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has an idea with which he will help in this fight.

Mark Zuckerberg Will Donate $3 Billion To Fight Diseases

Mark Zuckerberg is donation $3 Billion dollars

Despite the money and the fame, Mark Zuckerberg has stayed the old and regular person. He is still with the same friends with which he grew up. The beautiful thing that characterizes this man is that unlike many rich young man, he do not spend his money on unnecessary things. Moreover, he loves to spend his money on something worth full. Something that can help to a larger group of people. Therefore, his charitable organization has announced a new program with which they will try to give their help in the fight against all diseases.

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According to the plan that Mark Zuckerberg has presented, his organization plans to spend about $3 Billion dollars in order to make a step forward in the medicine. He has shown his chart where he shows the amount of money dedicated to specific diseases. It looks something like this:

  • 8 Million dollars for heart diseases
  • 5 Million dollars for infectious diseases
  • 2 Million dollars for cancer research
  • 8 Million dollars for neurological diseases
  • 8 Million dollars for violence and accidents
  • 1 Million dollars for hunger areas
  • 8 Million dollars for many other diseases

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In addition, a lot of money (about 600 Million dollars) will be invested in gathering the best scientists and researchers in one place. This will be done in order to investigate new ways in disease treatment.


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