How To Make Organic Apple Cider Vinegar?

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Apple vinegar takes an increasing attention due to its characteristics and application. Its greatest application is in our kitchen in the preparation of appropriate recipes. But, in addition, apple cider vinegar can be used as a natural medicine for the prevention and treatment of several diseases. It is especially good for skin care.

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Just because of that, we want to help you to make your own apple cider vinegar at your home.

In order to make this recipe, you will need:

  • Water
  • Fresh apples
  • Sugar


Wash the apples well, cut and chop them into small pieces and put them in a jar. You also need to add a little sugar in the jar. The sugar should be 1% of the whole amount. It is needed for fermentation, but the final product would not contain it. At the end, put water in the jar and cover it with a gauze. Leave it aside on a room temperature.

10 days after you do this procedure, you will feel an acid smell in your house. It is best to keep the jar in a room in which you do not stay for a long time. According to the recipe, 30 days are enough for the vinegar to be done. Try the tartness, and if you are not satisfied, leave it to stand for couple more days. If it is OK, strain the liquid with a gauze and put it in a glass bottles.

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We are sure that this recipe will help you to make your own vinegar with which you will use in preparation of your meals.

In the past, apple cider vinegar is very often used against travel sickness, headaches and for improving digestion. Active sportsman use it regularly against joint problems and tiredness, which is for crucial importance to them in order to achieve results.

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