Magical Places In Croatia That You Should Visit

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Croatia is a country with amazing nature and pure sea that lures the hearts of thousands of tourists throughout the year. From its beauty we must mention the local wine and rich history that makes this country unique. The Croatians are very famous sportsmen. Mate Parlov, Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic and Janica Kostelic are just few of them.

In addition, we will present you the most beautiful places in Croatia which you must not forget to visit.

1. Plitvice Lakes

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These lakes are officially the most beautiful lakes in the world. They are national park in Croatia and are protected by UNESCO. The untouched nature, amazing view of the waterfalls and various color specters are simply breathtaking. We believe that there is no man that visited Croatia and does not visited Plitvice Lakes. So, grab your camera and prepare yourself for selfies!

2. Korcula Island

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On this island you can get familiar with the Croatian culture and their traditional building, streets and villages. It has very beautiful and silent beaches, large vineyards and beautiful nature. According to the legend, the famous explorer Marco Polo was born here.

3. Roman amphitheater in Pula

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This amphitheater was used in the past for gladiator fights. It is so big that can be seen from the all sides of the city. One legend says that it was built from the imperator Vespasian for his loved Antonia.

4. Rovinj

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Rovinj is basically the trademark of Croatia. This city shares the first place with the Plitvice Lakes on the list of the most visited places in this country. It characterizes with cobblestone streets that intertwine in this unusual city. The beauty of Rovinj can be best seen from the top of the bell tower at sunset. It’s amazing! Another part that stands out is the Old City. Ancient gates of the city still stand today, and they were used to protect against intruders.

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