Why are the legs swelling at high summer temperatures?

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Many people are awaiting the summer to get their feet off the shackles of the closed shoes. However, they often regret it when they notice their legs swelling. But why is this happening? The answer is hidden in too few fluids.

Why are the legs swelling at high summer temperatures

Namely, the concentration of salts in the body grows due to dehydration. Therefore, this forces the body to retain the small amount of water you drink and all these results in swelling. The heat also causes the spread of blood vessels, which causes additional expansion of the fluid in certain parts of the body. Moreover, the excessive walking, sitting or standing in one place for a long time are causing this unpleasant feeling.

Our body needs salt. However, the food we eat contains a sufficient quantity and you can only exaggerate with additional feeding. Except for the feet, excessive salt intake is not good for high blood pressure, which can cause a stroke or a heart attack. This is especially dangerous during the summer months.

Because of the fact that many people, especially women are affected by this problem, here are some helpful tips.

Why are our legs swelling?

In the following, read how to deal with this unpleasant problem:

  • Drink plenty of water and avoid salt
  • Walk whenever you have the opportunity
  • If the work does not allow you to move, stretch your legs periodically, especially your feet
  • When you are at home, lie with your feet raised above the level of your heart
  • Also, feet massage is recommended at least 2 times per week


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So, besides these few tips, you can also investigate what is good for your swollen legs and feet. As we mentioned before, stretching place crucial role in this process. It is not only good for the feet, but also for all muscles in your legs. Therefore, you will be more resistant to injuries and your legs will be strengthened.


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