How To Keep Your Lemons Fresh For The Whole Month?

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Maybe not so many people know that lemons are actually one of the most alkaline – forming foods. Furthermore, they are also one of the healthiest foods in the world. Their benefits for our overall health are numerous. However, if you keep them more than 6-7 days, they become dry and are not as tasty and delicious as they should be. So, in order to avoid this, we will show you one simple trick. But first, let us show you some of the benefits of this citric food.

How to store the lemons?

How To Keep Your Lemons Fresh For The Whole Month

1. Vitamin C

According to the experts, people should drink 1 glass of lemon juice and water every morning on empty stomach. Because of the fact that they are rich in vitamin C, they will also make a body detoxification for you. Therefore, you will be more resistant to diseases.

2. Fever

By increasing the perspiration, lemons are helping people to fight against fever.

3. Hair care

Besides the health benefits, these foods can also help you to keep your hair health. Moreover, when you apply lemon juice on your scalp, it will protect you from hair loss and dandruff.

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4. Skin problems

According to the experts, lemon juice is natural antiseptic. It can help you with many skin related problems. Therefore, if you suffer from wrinkles and acne, just apply the lemon juice on the affected area. Repeat this process at least 1 week in order to see the results.

5. Weight loss

In addition to the health benefits, lemons can help us in order to lose the unwanted weight. So, in order to promote the weight loss, you should drink lemon juice and honey in the morning. It is the best if you drink it on empty stomach.

Now, in order to keep your lemons fresh for a longer time, you should do the following trick. So, the trick is very simple. The only thing that you need to do is to store your lemons in a plastic, sealed bag and place them in the fridge. Furthermore, only as your information, the ideal temperature should be between 4 and 10 degrees.


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