Italy – Nursery Schools Will Reject Unvaccinated Children

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It seems like the “world leaders” have decided to vaccinate the people no matter what. So, they are bringing the law for mandatory vaccination into force. This is confirmed by the act of the Italian nursery schools that have decided to ban the unvaccinated children. According to the authorities, the law will come into force  already next month. However, the parents will have the chance to vaccinate their children until spring 2017.

According to the experts, this act is for the good of all other children in the nursery schools. They said that this, according to many, terrible law, was designed in order to protect the young kids from 0-3 years. They do not have strong immunity and therefore they need to protect them.

Italy – Nursery Schools Will Reject Unvaccinated Children

Unvaccinated children are banned from nursery schools?!

Mandatory vaccination is very sensitive topic that is discussed the past 5-6 years. Furthermore, it is known that many non-governmental activists were protesting around the world. They were claiming that their basic human right is broken. Moreover, many people have joined to these protests in order to stop this mandatory vaccination program.

On the other hand, an article was released in public claiming that large number of nurses are leaving their places as a protesting act. You can find the article here. So, now, this another news that was released in public is showing us that these nursery schools will ban the unvaccinated kids. Therefore, all these unvaccinated children cannot go to the public nursery schools just because of some law? We believe that we are not the only ones who think that it is terrible idea.

Italy – Nursery Schools Will Reject Unvaccinated Children (1)

In addition, there are many experts who are claiming that vaccines are not as safe as they should be. Moreover, they are claiming that they are containing harmful ingredients such as mercury. Therefore, it is very harmful for the people’s health and it is often associated with the autism cases. So, now, the only thing that is left for us is to support these people. Nobody has the right to tell you what to do in order to keep your health.


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